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ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Big News! 12/19/20

My Christmas TV & Radio Special Airing before Christmas.

Click here to watch the TV program that will be aired on CTN.

I will air on (2) Christian TV stations, and 37 radio stations listed below, with upcoming air times starting tomorrow (Sunday, Dec. 20th thru CMAS eve, depending on the station.) I was interviewed on the CTN show, “This is My Life” by Frank & Bobbie Agee (pictured).

The show is just me, (and my cello), and interviewed by the hosts, Frank & Bobbie. The presence of the Lord was in the interview, and songs.

Please review the TV and radio stations below in case you are able to listen, as I play select CMAS songs during the 30 minute interview. I hope it blesses you.!! Share this post, as some of your friends or family might be in one of these states or cities.

CTN (2 TV stations)
Radio (37 stations)

Christian Television Network (CTN)

Airs: (Tues 7pm, Wed 8:30pm)
Century Link – 45.1
Xfinity/Comcast – 239
DirectTV – 376
DishNetwork -267

CTN Macon, GA
CTN45 WGNM – Middle GA
Airs: (Monday, 8:30pm)

(by state below)

WBXR 1140AM – Huntsville, AL
WBXR 101.3FM – Huntsville, AL
(Mon/Wed 1pm)

WIJD 1270AM – Mobile, AL
WIJD 97.9FM – Mobile, AL
(Tues 5pm/Wed 2:30pm)

KGMS 940AM – Tucson, AZ
(Mon/Wed 6pm)

KERI 1410AM – Bakersfield, CA
(Mon/Wed 4:30pm)

Faith Radio Network (FL stations)
WFRF 105.7FM – Tallahassee/Monticello, FL
WFRU 90.1FM – Quincy, FL
WZFR 104.5FM – Eastpoint, FL
WOLR 91.3FM – Lake City, FL
(I-75/I-10 corridor)
(Sunday, 6pm)

WAVE 94.1FM – Tallahassee, FL
(Sunday, 3pm)

WDXD 101.9FM – Tallahassee, FL
(Sunday, 2pm)

WNVY 1070AM – Pensacola, FL
WNVY 104.5FM – Pensacola, FL
(Tues/Wed 8:30am)

WFAM 1050AM – Augusta, GA
(Mon 3pm, Wed 6pm)

WBGP 91.3FM – Moultrie, GA
(Sunday, 6pm)

WBRI 1500AM – Indianapolis, IN
WBRI 96.7FM – Indianapolis, IN
(Mon/Wed 4:30pm)

KWDF 840AM – Alexandria, LA
KWDF 99.7FM – Alexandria, LA
(Mon/Wed 10am)
KIOU 1480AM – Shreveport, LA
KIOU 94.9FM – Shreveport, LA
(Mon/Wed 4:30pm)

WCPC 940AM – Tupelo, MS
WCPC 105.7FM – Tupelo, MS
(Wed – 9:30am & 5:00pm)

KCNW 1380AM – Kansas City, MO
KCNW 96.1FM – Kansas City, MO
(Mon/Wed 3:30pm)

KLNG 1560AM – Omaha, NE
KLNG 101.5FM – Omaha, NE
(Tues – 9am & 5:30pm)

New Mexico
KKIM 1000AM – Albuquerque, NM
(Mon/Wed 12:30pm)

North Carolina
WSKY 1230AM – Asheville, NC
(Tues/Wed 5pm)

WYYC 1250AM – York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, PA
WYYC 98.1FM – York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, PA
(Mon/Wed 12:30pm)

WITK 1550AM – Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA
WITK 94.7FM – Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA
(Mon/Wed 5:30 pm)

South Carolina
WELP 1360AM – Greenville, SC
WELP 104.3FM – Greenville, SC
(Mon 12:30pm, Tues 9:30am)

WLMR 1450AM – Chattanooga, TN
WLMR 103.3FM – Chattanooga, TN
(Mon 10:00am / Tues 1:30pm)

Merry Christmas!

Past News Items

December 17, 2020

Stay tuned for the “This is My Life” Christmas program to be posted soon. The 30-minute program is being aired on the Christian Television Network – CTN (Tallahassee/Thomasville), CTN (Macon, GA), Wilkins Radio Network (30+ stations nationwide), Faith Radio Network, Wave 94 and WDXD Tallahassee.

May 20, 2011 (Tallahassee)

LIVE Recording of CD, “Cello for the KIng – As the Spirit Moves” held at Evangel Assembly of God.

February 2011 (Orlando)

Doug played for Gov. Mike Huckabee at a Heroic Media event. Afterwards he said, “I can name the last (3) songs you played,” and he did.
Amazing he could do that as he was taking pictures with people in line.

Inauguration Day January 2011 (Tallahassee)

Doug played for Gov. Rick Scott during the 2-hour Public Tour at the Governor’s Mansion

Doug has played six times at Governor’s Mansion for special events.

August 2010 (Jacksonville)

Doug played for Gov. Sarah Palin at a Heroic Media pro-life events.

While taking the photo with Gov. Palin, she said, “the music was beautiful,
and I could hear it all the way down the hallway.”

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